Exercise Form Videos

These short and to the point exercise videos will show you proper form on the majority of our exercises. All exercises show 3-6 reps of each exercise (some from multiple angles). If you need more advice or further guidance on form, please email us at any time at support@midwestfit.com

For the amount of seconds listed, hold a plank with only 3 of your limbs (switch which limb is off the floor when seconds end).  Note to keep body as straight as possible (pretend there is a cup of water on your lower back you don't want to spill).

Keep back close to bench.

This guy knows how to deadlift.  If you don't have much practice with this lift, watch Rippetoe work his magic.  Proper form is critical for this exercise.

Wider grip than cleans and front squat.  Keep bar close to body as it travels from hang position to overhead.  Emphasis on jump at beginning as major mover of the bar.

Hold each position (arms down and arms up) for the prescribed number of seconds.

Keep lower back and spine in line. Stagger feet/stance to keep posterior chain in line.

This guy knows how to power clean...and form is critical.  If you don't have much practice with this lift, watch Rippetoe work his magic

Use a very light weight bar.  PVC pipe, broom handle, light weight body bar (less than 5 pounds), jump rope, etc...

Goal with moving arm is to keep shoulder, elbow, and wrist/hand all in contact with floor throughout entire movement.

Turn top hip toward floor.  Toe touches floor behind bottom/foundation leg.

Perform on both sides for number of prescribed seconds.

Keep weight in linear, fluid motion as it moves from ground to above head.  Keep weight close to body (don't sweep out in front of you).

Hold arms in both positions for prescribed number of seconds.  Keep back and posture in isometric position.

Keep feet firmly planted on ground.  Initial movement comes from hips/obliques.

Front Squat into overhead press

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