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Exercising For an Active Lifestyle


MidwestFit Team: Jun 27, 2015


For those who live active lifestyles outside of the gym, a regular lifting/workout routine won't cut it. In order to be functionally fit and not only able to perform the activities you love, but also excel at them, you need to be better equipped physically to avoid injury. Goal oriented exercise programming is extremely important (and effective) to reach that level physically and mentally.

How to Gain Lean Muscle Mass (Part 1)


MidwestFit Team: Aug 4, 2015


One of the main reasons people go to the gym is to put on lean muscle mass. Plain and simple the gym is full of people all looking to put on muscle and maintain or decrease their fat storage. It is something that is highly desired but often misunderstood. Should you be lifting for high or low reps? What exercises should you do and in what order? What supplements will help you reach your goals? What should you be eating and when? How many carbs, proteins, fats (macronutrients) do you need in a day? To address all this we are going to post a three part blog series. This is the first of that series and it will concentrate on the type of workouts you should be doing. So, without further ado, here we go…

How to Gain Lean Muscle Mass (Part 2)


MidwestFit Team: Aug 5, 2015


Earlier this week we posted Part 1 of a 3 part series regarding how to gain lean muscle mass. This post is Part 2 and talks about nutrition for gaining muscle. If you would like to read Part 1 about the workouts you can view that here.

ATTENTION: Free Programming For Select Women


MidwestFit Team: Aug 11, 2015


MidwestFit is seeking self-motivated females age 25 to 35 to participate in one of our programs over the course of 6 to 8 weeks (depending on which program is correct for the individual). The women selected will be asked to provide "before" and "after" pictures upon completion of their program with the primary goal being weight loss/becoming more lean. By cooperating in this program, the individuals will all receive the following:

  • FREE Goal Oriented Program for the entire training period
  • FREE nutritional guidance throughout their programming
  • Supplements to assist individuals in reaching their goals (Yes, we will pay for and mail to you)
  • A MidwestFit T-Shirt upon completion of the program/requirements (I mean isn't a t shirt worth it as is?)

Basically we want to get you in amazing shape and it will only cost you some of your time and effort. If interested, please post in our forum thread (link below) and we will contact you with more information. 


(NOTE: This is a limited offer and not everyone will be able to participate. Sooner you reach out the better!) 

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