Supplement Recommendation: Creatine


MidwestFit Team: Jul 7, 2015


Let's be honest, most supplements sold today will not provide you with tangible results inside or outside the gym and some can be downright dangerous. They are either not backed by science, provided in too low of doses, or (as seen in a few cases lately) not even the product you purchased (see article at aka a complete scam. That being said, there are a few supplements out there that can help your performance in the gym and have been properly studied to prove it. We will be exploring some of these supplements under our Supplements category as well as providing our favorite and most trusted products (note: we receive absolutely nothing from any company we recommend, we simply think it is the best product and a trusted brand). Today, we start with one of the most studied (if not the most) supplement out there: Creatine.

Exercising For an Active Lifestyle


MidwestFit Team: Jun 27, 2015


For those who live active lifestyles outside of the gym, a regular lifting/workout routine won't cut it. In order to be functionally fit and not only able to perform the activities you love, but also excel at them, you need to be better equipped physically to avoid injury. Goal oriented exercise programming is extremely important (and effective) to reach that level physically and mentally.

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